8.5Mil Ally, AW T3-5, AQ Map5x5,

Hello Fellow Marvel Fanatics! We are always looking to improve our family and rankings! Come help us in our quest :wink:

A lil about us...We have 11 Alliance in the Stink Family, There is an Alliance for you no matter what your goals.

We Do not require you to spend money, We Reach All milestones and Rank rewards for Completeion, Duels, Item Use(sometimes AC,PS).Looking for Players able to clear their lanes in AQ and AW, if u are a Boss killer excellent! if not we just need your lane cleared.

Alliance Name - Stink Nuggets Legion - Tag - [StnkL]
Most Recent AQ Rank - 1,102
War Rating - 1,501 -Tier 3-4
Alliance Rating - 8,530,953
Average Member Rating - 283,698
Leader - Snapper77
Date Alliance Created - 4/27/2017
Run AQ Map- 5x5
Communication - GroupMe App

Requirements to join Include but are subject to negotiation, so pls ask us if u are interested. - -

11 rank4 4* - enough for AWD, AWA, AQ
Groupme App
Must Finish AQ Lanes, Boss Killers Always Welcome but not required :smiley:
Donations - 135k Gold, 12.5k Loyalty, 30k Battlechips weekly
Communicate and Tag ppl when nodes are down or bosses open
Duel Events - 650
Completetion - 15k
Item Use - Must Participate
Required to Help out in all events just a lil participation :wink:

If u have any questions, concerns, comments, pls leave a msg here, PM me, or send a friends request ingame.
You may Contact me Ingame as SHLV23 or ShiveringKnight (yes i have 2 accounts) I Prefer u Contact me on ShiveringKnight :smiley::wink:
GroupMe ID - Shivering Knight
LineApp ID - Shiv23 [StnkL]

Hope to see some of you soon! otherwise Battle on! :wink:

-- SHLV23 [StnkD]
-- ShiveringKnight [StnkL]


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