Who wants to join the Guardians of Grayskull?

NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 976 ★★★
We have started a new alliance to focus on alliance quests. We will still run war just in a laid back manner. With the new AQ setup, the rewards are better than AW in my opinion. We are wanting active players that are tired of the stress of AW and enjoy being a team player. We use line app for communication. If you are looking for a new home and to become part of a loyal group of friends give us a try. You can message me here or in-game with the same name. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 976 ★★★
    We are looking for anything from beginner on up. We have a 40k player on up to a 700k player with us now
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