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Why X-23 facing Emma Frost in diamond form doesn't use her armor break ability?
What does "naturally bleed immune" supposed to mean? It's pretty natural bleed immunity for Emma.
Any other armor breaking champion can break Emma's diamond form (not possible to be penetrated in comics in any way) but X-23 not? For what reason?


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    Since when did X23 had the armour break ability?
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    She don’t hav amoer break at all
  • Yep against bleed immune she armor breaks, armor break only works against bleed immune champs though and won’t work on bleed immune nodes or when Emma goes into diamond form
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    She doesn't armor break against bleed immune. She stacks cruelty instead
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    You know nothing John Snow
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    You confuse X-23 with carnage


    If one of his Bleeds fails to apply due to an Immunity he has a 100% chance to Armor Break his opponent instead, reducing their Armor by 1333.33 lasting for 10 seconds. The Armor Break doesn’t stack.


    Against Naturally Bleed Immune Champions: Wolverine changes her fighting style, gaining Cruelty Buffs in place of her Bleed effects, increasing Critical Damage by X% for X seconds.

    edited to add descriptions :)
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