I can’t believe I am asking this, but how do I deal with Alex?

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Who is a good counter for Havok? I legit can’t get past him on Uncollected. I tried all my power drainers except pillowfisted 4/40 AoU, and my only good armor up champs are Civil Warrior Venom and Iceman all 4/40. I’m considering bringing CB for the no crits. Maybe also Domino with Hela angela heimdall cheat death 2x synergy and pray for a critical bleed on L2.

Who did u guys use? Unfortunately I don’t have a playable Angela who seems to be the best for this.


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    Ultron gets armor up when u get blocks hit, plus he gets 50% back from energy dmg, and class relationship... Vision works good

    You could also do domino and bring the rulk/massacre synergy...

    Stark spider and build poise.

    Bishop works well with his energy resistance
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    CAIW. Archangel. Use heavies, they don’t trigger his detonation.
  • Vulture and spam sp1, one shot UC havok every time with my 3/45 unduped Vulture. It’s seriously a fun fight.
  • Just watch Riverdale and get super super sensitive
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