Looking for team players! Join JAKT! Forsaken

Looking for team players! Join JAKT! Forsaken.

We are looking for players to complete and complement the team that already is here. We are currently 18 committed players of mixed timezones and levels. We play as a team, and teamwork is what defines JAKT!. We are also friendly and have helped each other grow and play better.

We currently run Map4 x 5 for each BG. We have also ran Map5 x 3 for alternating groups with Map3 on rotation. We have reached silver1 in war and are looking to make it higher.

We are open to players of many levels and skill sets, but want people who can commit to teamwork and playing regularly. If you log in at least every four hours during Alliance Events/AQ and AW, you will be able to complete your part.

Line id: johnathanc60
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