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Recently pulled a 5* CAIW and I’m super chuffed because I’ve heard that he can dish out major damage!
But I’m looking for some tips, because atm, I only know the Kinetic Potential + Heavy + SP2 trick. Are there any other tricks I should know of?
Thanks in advance (and if anyone has any tips on IMIW, that would be greatly appreciated as well 🙂)


  • He’s an imiw specialist. He’s guaranteed to parry with 0 damage if given the right masteries and the block proficiency isn’t altered by a node or ability.
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    Really his biggest damage dealer is the 5 kinetic potential+ passive fury + sp2 like you said. Done right an r4 will hit for 50k+ on crit.
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    I also just parry heavy a lot. This does tons of damage and gets your kinetic potential up. Plus duped it triggers debuffs on the opponent
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    Don’t sleep on L1 either. If you have a kinetic charge, the enemy won’t trigger abilities during it (handy for Limbo, Arc overload, etc.) Another benefit of his heavy is it doesn’t generate a lot of power, so you can do a good bit of damage without having to worry about specials. If you are playing someone like the Champion who you don’t want to parry for whatever reason (stun immune maybe) save L3 and that does a niceness chunk of damage if you charge your heavy before you hit the button, and it gives you a long lasting Kinetic charge
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    SP2 is just the headline act. Cap is no one-trick pony.

    Cap does decent damage throughout the fight if you keep him charged (which is fairly easy), and use heavy attacks periodically to keep his passive Fury up.

    If you can regularly parry/Heavy (for little to no damage), you'll have an endless supply of kinetic charges, and the Fury gives him an attack bonus per kinetic charge; so at 4 or 5 charges, all his attacks are very respectable, not just the SP2.

    Whilst his SP2 has the potential for massive crits, it's wasted if the opponent has some defense like evasion, or Thing's protection, or Magneto's refraction, or even Ant Man's glancing effect. Sinister's regeneration is similarly going to neutralise this potent attack. Don't forget his SP1 does decent damage too, plus DoT (bleed) and reduces ability accuracy so it isn't evaded, doesn't trigger regeneration and so on.

    If you overshoot, his SP3 is also very good; just remember (as usual) to get your Fury going before triggering it.

    He's an awesome champ. Mines a 4* Awakened 5/50, and he easily fights on a par alongside my (few) 4/55 5* champs.

    Synergies are useful, but only one way. Cap only benefits from his science synergy. The mystic one is best, if you've got someone who can nullify or stagger buffs.

    Congrats on your pull, and good luck getting him Awakened some time.

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    Well, that SP1 will bypass Safeguard and won't trigger Spiked Armour; whereas the SP2 will do both! Have fun with him, and good luck - I'm on 4.5 at the moment.
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    I used my 5/65 against Mr Sinister.
    S3 can't crit and deals decent damage
  • Makr sure you make the most out of his awakened ability. Gives him a ton of utility. Fighting a regen champ, make sure you have a tech in the team. High armor, make sure you have a cosmic. A champ that gives lots of debuffs, have a skill on the team to purify them.
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    Parrying WS’s projectiles from his sp1 in RTTL really helps to build kinentic charges...

    Bishop becomes easy... Tenacity of Agent Venom is neutralized while being kinentically charged.. he’s great for utility.. my first rank 5 champ...my second is looking like Sabre as a rank 2... I really enjoy high utility champs
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