Where should I focus my 5* rank ups?

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Current 5* and 4* roster. I just completed Act 5 with them, but I would like to have some 4/55's for exploration. I was thinking Sentinel and Hawkeye are worthy. X-23 seems unnecessary since I have Blade but I don't know. Any advice is appreciated.


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    Sentinel, Hawkeye and x23 are solid options to focus on
  • Sentinel is a great option for 4/55, I have one currently; sig 1 but he was great unawakened too.

    Your Sabre is a game changer for 5.3 exploration.. love him.. his nullification of -50% attack helps so much
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    I wouldn’t bring Hawkeye to rank 4 though... jus because he doesn’t have a lot of utility...

    Hawkeye is a solid rank 5 4* champ

    I’d do ægon and grind for the general awakening; high utility, immunity, and damage.. Once you get the gag you can have the 2 t5bcs too to bring ægon to rank 5 for Act 6.

    Think act 6. Not immediately..
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