Increase inventory 5* sig stone capacity to 200

I cannot begin to wonder why 5* sig stones are not increased to a maximum capacity of 200 versus the 100 that it is at now. How can we only have a cap of 100 when it requires 200* sig stones to max a 5*? It forces precious sig stones to my stash that I am forced to dump into champs I do not want to. Why not make the 4* sig stone inventory capped at 50 if you are going to limit us to only save half of what is needed for the max sig of a 4* or 5*?

Everyday I am encountered to use my sig stones in stash on champs I do not want to.


  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 411 ★★
    While I agree with and support this issue. For the time being, I’d recommend not opening up the signature stone crystals to help eliminate sending some to the stash.
  • Tjk602Tjk602 Posts: 85
    yes I am aware of that. I don't open for no reason. We open because we have to max sig a class that we just took to rank 5 so there is no other way.
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