Allow mutiple quests at once

I recall seeing a few posts from ages back about this, but there wasn’t a response from Mods.

I reckon it would be good to be able to run multiple quests at a time - same energy pool and you can’t use the same champions in both.

The main reason I’ve not attempted an LoL run is because I wouldn’t be able to do any other quests for days. With a young family, my ability to play this game is limited to small pieces of the day every now and then. If I was to devote all that time to LoL (and that would ignore Alliance events), it’d take me about 4 days to do a single run.

I know people will say “oh but that stops people spending money as they can farm for pots”. I get that argument for some content, but I don’t think it stands up for LoL unless you’re doing it over weeks - you’re just spending the units which I’m happy to do. So maybe this could be a function limited to LoL?

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


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    You only need one or two attackers for LOL (depending on the path) with synergy champs that you may not need for other content. Provided your roster is large enough that you can do without that attacker you could leave you team in LOL for as long as it would take. 100% LOL with no units used.
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