Upgrade Advice

I have several good upgrade choices and I'm trying to decide which one to go for.... I have almost enough T2A and T5B to either

1) Take my 5* unduped Stark Spiderman to Rank 5 and then taking either my unduped Blade or unduped Dominio to Rank 4.
2) I could Rank 4 both Domino and Blade and leave Stark Spiderman at Rank 4.

I also recently pulled a 5* Archangel, who I could work on Ranking (and use a 5* Mutant gem on), by holding back Dominio, but I already have a 4* rank 5 Archangel who is awakened so I'm not sure that it is worth it when I'm not going to be able to Rank 4 him any time soon.

I'm mostly working on 100% Act 5 with an eye towards variant/LOL down the road.

I already have several 5*s at rank 4 Iceman, Corvus, Hyperion, Magik, Killmonger, Stark Spiderman. So I'm not sure if I need more diversity at that level, or just a heavy hitter.

Some other 5* rank 3's of note are Quake, Morningstar, Sabertooth, IMIW



  • Oh forgot to mention I do have 4* Rank 5 Ghost Rider to fill out the Trinity

    Also have a a 4* Red Hulk and 4* Massacre to fill out the flaming trinity, but they are only rank 3 so they are only so useful beyond the synergy.
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