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Quake or Medusa

I have a 4 star Medusa and 4 star Quake and I just got some Tier 4 class catalysts to rank them up. Who should I prioritize in ranking up?


  • LeoGnarleyardoLeoGnarleyardo Posts: 355 ★★
    either one duped.. if so id go with medusa
  • SterlSterl Posts: 20
    Medusa. Medium, medium, s1 is a lot easier than learning how to play quake lol
  • Dom_14Dom_14 Posts: 26
    Sterl wrote: »
    Medusa. Medium, medium, s1 is a lot easier than learning how to play quake lol

    I agree, but ever since I watched a video of Quake as a 4* taking down a 6* without even touching it, I've been obsessed. But I think you guys are right, Medusa hits so hard and I love her too. Thanks for the insight! :)
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Both can easily go to 5/50. Neither one really needs their sig ability for attack, but Medusa does get better when awakened. Quake's sig ability is worthless.

    Quake does take a bit of time to play as she is a much more nuanced champ if you want to use her full potential.

    Medusa is a much more straight-forward fighter and can also be a very effective AW defender.

    WIthout knowing your full goals or skill, Medusa is the one I would focus on first.
  • MCoC_fanMCoC_fan Posts: 97
    Both good on offense and defense but for defense they both have to be awakened, for me the ultimate choice would be quake but that's only if you can play her properly or else go for Medusa
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,780 ★★★★★
    One is Science and the other Cosmic. So, eventually... both.

    Use both for attack / questing purposes, for the time being. When awakened, use Medusa on AWD as well.
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