Looking for Gold 1 ally that does optional AQ

My current ally is doing non-optional Map 3, which makes no sense. It doesn’t fit my schedule, so will need to find another. War is no problem, as the paths are much shorter and there is a lot less reliance on others moving at proper times.

Very capable of tiers 1-4 War. Do UC EQ each month no items, did the CM challenge with less than 500 units. Haven’t spent on units in the past 3 years.

Have 3 t5b in my stash, waiting for my next 6* to see if they are more r2 worthy than Hood. AA is going to r4 as soon as I get the t4b, which is why Hood is on the backburner atm.

Add me on line, ID is pleasedontaddme (don’t ask lol)


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