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Looking for a merger

We are looking for another alliance to merge with due to a recent spate of members leaving and struggling to get reliable members to replace them.

We are a silver 1 alliance and have been around since alliances were added to the game in 2015. We play 5 days of map 4 in aq. We don’t require donations or minimums but do have a save week for SA.

The goal is to break in to the gold bracket of aw which we have been close to a couple of times and run map 5 in aq.

I have left our alliance info in the picture and if anyone is interested contact jamie2289 in game or on lined489k9lparoh.png


  • LilcaineLilcaine Posts: 131
    Hey add me on line app at Lilcane
  • Jamie2289Jamie2289 Posts: 91
    I should of said in the original post we are looking for the other alliance to merge in to ours
    Hey there we are a 20 man 10m ally exact same stuff as you with a much higher war rating if you're interested in merging into us we can chat if not best of luck to you bud in game KILLER_PLAYER line killer_player...
  • I've got room for you all in StnkL. We are in a similar situation
  • Jamie2289Jamie2289 Posts: 91
    Thank you for the offer but we are looking for an alliance to merge in to ours
  • Jamie2289Jamie2289 Posts: 91
    10 of the 14 are over 250k.

    It’s not just the creation date, the core group of us have been together in the alliance for a few years now and want to make it work. We don’t like what’s happened to the alliance since season 7 finished and want to be back where we were.

    A silver 1 alliance might not seem much to some but for better or worse we are all attached to the alliance
  • Jamie2289Jamie2289 Posts: 91
    I know you weren’t being condisending mate. I was just trying to get across that it wasn’t just the name, I think like most people their alliance becomes like a community and they don’t really want to let it go. Thank you for the offer of the merge though, it’s much appreciated
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