New Synergy Type - Parasitic Synergy

This concept would only apply to champions who don’t work well together, or when paired up don’t see eye to eye in Marvel lore, and could be used to give old outdated champions a massive buff at the expense of the newer or “better” champion taking a detrimental effect.
It’s basically a suicide mastery in concept but instead it’s a synergy.
It always helps to give an example, so imagine a synergy between Juggernaut and Professor X (who I’m sure is coming someday). These guys are family so of course they would share a synergy, however they absolutely hate each other. In this particular synergy Juggernaut (being the older and underperforming champion) would gain “Bad Blood” an absolutely crazy buff that would resemble his true power in the comics - huge buffs based on movement (armor up while dashing back [stack up to 5], and big Hulk sized passive fury for the dashing forward attack that does increased block penetration against his opponent - to keep things canon Juggernaut suffers block penetration while he is blocking because the Unstoppable Juggernaut should never be standing still), meanwhile Professor X (being the new and “better” champion pull) would suffer a sizable and permanent fatigue or something like -10% Special Damage due to the exhausting effort of keeping Cain Marko under acceptable psychology control.
So anyway that’s the idea!
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