War Attack Bonus for BOSSES needs an update

SirDubusSirDubus Posts: 13
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It's been some time since any significant changes to war attack bonus have been implemented. My alliance (which isn't even close to top tier, but pretty average) often sees all three clears and 100% exploration (or close to it) but we lose (or sometimes win) strictly because of diversity. Often we see that our bosses and mini bosses (which are the only nodes that can consistently get any KOs at this level) fetch a hefty few KOs, while nothing else on the map does. It's frustrating to lose because the opponent used spreadsheet wars but your alliance played better. Particularly this could be fixed by adjusting the value of attack bonuses for bosses and mini bosses. These fights are considerably harder than the rest of the map, and the bonus should reflect this. The difference shouldn't be astronomical, but the available attack bonus points should be higher for mini bosses and yet higher for the main boss.
Currently, full attack bonus is 240 points, and it drops for each time you start a fight without clearing the defender.
I suggest an increase in value by 1.5x for each mini boss. This would make a mini boss one-shot worth 360. The main boss attack bonus should be 2x the current value, (480) and should have two additional bonus tiers. This would further differentiate between an alliance whose main boss defends 2 or 4 times as compared to a boss that defends 10+ times.
Again, this is a suggestion that would help differentiate victories in the middle tiers where the boss kills vary drastically. It would also impact the higher tiers with a stronger focus on skill and make war outcomes rely less on the diversity spreadsheet. I know there is interest here, because I remember when Kabam Miike announced that diversity had introduced an unintended aspect of spreadsheet wars and would be going away.

This would be a simple differentiation that would focus on skill and strategy rather than placing sub-par defenders from a spreadsheet.



  • Diversity, like many aspects of the game are limited by the Kabam roll of the dice and in many instances mid level growing alliances simply don’t have a sufficiently diverse roster. Members find themselves ranking up attackers and having very limited diversity to even rank up. SirDubus makes and excellent point and argument that would make the matchups more about skill and less about the pure luck of Kabam’s roll of the crystals for having a diverse roster.
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