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player 480k ONLY 186 champs i m full of 5 R4 and 4 R5 for alliance 10 millions not under

i m looking for a relax alliance (veteran) most of level 60
aq only map 3 or 533x5 without donation or only gold i have a lot ...
aw tier 6 till 10 not under not above
events all must play it except if people are in holidays etc... real life !!! yes i need an alliance who have job kids a real life not slave of this game but like to play i m active but not crazy connected all the time
i dont want alliance with assigned path, i only go to the right all the time, dont want alliance who play war in minority and to pray people to place defenders !!! tired of that

you can contact me in the game JeanClaudeDusse ah yes i m french but play with US or UK is perfect for me
no message here i wont reply
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