Outlaws LF Members

I'm looking for a couple good members that want to help us grow. I have a mixed group of experienced players and some getting better, learning and growing.

Bg 1&2 are running AQ 4444 pushing to complete map 5 day 1. BG3 is running AQ 33333 pushing to make it to map 4x5. For War only BG 1&2 are participating. Trying to push to gold. (We made silver 3 with only 5 2 BG wars last season)

So looking for 1-3 players to help complete map 4 and AW. If you're interested find me on Line App.
Line required and donations are 15k gold & 1k loyalty.

Line ID sactown_raider


  • Getbusy007Getbusy007 Posts: 3
    Looking for a few good men & women to join alliance enrollment open need responsible player to promote to officer to help manage war room & all other fights str8 team players we level up together rank up 2gether as well and we share so please only loyal ones apply...just made alliance last night look at progress...built the last dude alliance up & quit cause he wouldnt go in a lot of the rooms...join(007up) you won't be disappointed team for real...remember need another officer........

  • Can i join?
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