Tired of AW? Looking for a Laid Back Alliance?

If you're a daily player who enjoys the game but isn't looking for the "alliance grind," then give us a look.

We're open to players of any level and skill set.

Are you new to the game? Come on in and get tips from some experienced vets.

Are you a burned out vet? Come chill with other burned out vets.

We're a 3+ yr old alliance, formerly as high as Silver 1. We were never top tier, but we've always had a good solid group of players. We all seemed to run into the MCOC wall around the same time. The burn out is real. Now we're taking things slow and simply enjoying the game. Most members of the team have been together for 2+ years, so we have a nice family vibe going on.

Here's what we do:

Daily AQ - Map 4 and Map 2 every day. Running 2bg every day affords a little flexibility for players with busy schedules.

Not much for AW anymore. We might run once or twice a week, but really aren't placing any emphasis on it. We're down to Silver 3 now. The rewards suck, but we try to get 5 AW in a season for easy season rewards. It's whatever.

Donations - 0

Event emphasis - 0

SA requirements - 0

Have fun. Focus on your own questing and acct building. Play at your own pace. Receive some half decent alliance rewards for doing practically nothing you aren't already doing.

If you're interested, hmu on Line (id: brewswayne).
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