Killmonger regaining spent indestructible charges.

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I experienced this in AW node 29 tier 1 today. I hit Killmonger 3 times to use up his indestructible charges then immediately went into an S3 upon activating the S3 Km regained 2 charges resulting in the S3 doing zero damage.
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Aw node 29 tier 1




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    You're not wrong. Clearly there's something going on here.

    I can't help but wonder if the glitch was caused due to the speed with which you fired the L3 after disabling the final indestructible charge. That portion of the video wasn't in real time, but it appears you wasted almost no time firing the L3 after the final charge was disabled.

    It seems that sometimes the effects lag behind the on-screen visuals. Take Dormammu for example. He gains Dark Energy each time the enemy loses power and Dormammu can drain power by ending a combo with a Medium. At 100 Dark Energy, he absorbs the energy to Imbue his next action with an additional effect (like adding Power Drain to his L2).

    If you finish a combo with a Medium to fill your Dark Energy, the icon showing that you'll Imbue your next action shows and you can still chain an L2 after the combo as normal, but if you do the Imbued effect won't occur. It's almost as if the on-screen visual happens faster than the in-game effect. In reality, you'd have to absorb the energy (get the green icon), wait about 1 second, and only after that delay will your Imbued effects be active.

    This could be what's happening here. You're hitting KM for a 3rd time, disabling his final Indestructible charge. The charge icon goes away, but before the effect of the charge can go away, you interrupted it with an L3. This temporarily halted the removal of the charge's effect, causing it to linger during the L3. The effect was only able to resume removing itself once the L3 animation finished. I think seeing the flash of a timer and 2 indestructible charges was a visual by-product of this interruption.

    Just a theory and it could be wrong considering the nodes that are on that tile add some potential layers of complication. It should certainly be looked at.
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    It’s just bizarre, looks like as I hit my special 3 the game state was reverted back 1 second to where my combo was at 50 and the game timer was at 1:18 giving KM the two charges from that moment. It’s easier to see in this photo album of each hit in the combo; and even easier to see with the following method.

    As I hit s3 the screen “hiccups” and two frames are displayed; one of proxima standing next to KM and the next of a moment that has passed. Can see it in the video by watching it on youtube with .25x speed, Or in this series of pics.

    Maybe it’s a recording glitch but nothing else is showing “artifacts” or “ghosting” leading me to believe it was the game itself.
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    @Mirage_Turtle a thanks for helping me understand!

    Well the game didn’t revert back one second, just the display did. Ran another test with the same circumstances as the OP then added a second l3 to the fight but a fourth hit for the indestructible charges and the L3 went through. Seems to be just like the Dormammu “thing” where the effect isn’t immediately burned. And carries through into a special attack if used immediately; like using an imbued Dormammu medium combo finisher with an S2, both the medium and special 2 get the imbued effect.

    Here’s the vid of the test and the screenshot taken as I hit the S3 the second time; displayed a moment from the past (with charges) but the charges had no effect as I threw an extra attack after the 3 used to burn the charges. But yes it should be looked into, was an expensive lesson to learn.

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