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Failed Sign In 22.0 [Merged Threads]

This discussion was created from comments split from: Failed to Sign In [Merged Threads].


  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 148
    The game does not want to log me in since the emergency maintenance. Gives the cant log in check your connection msg as soon as it gets past the Havok screen.

    In game name: The•Void
  • I'm having this problem right now. I've already uninstalled the app and reinstalled it all for google play but it did not solve the problem
  • even after reinstalling game same error
  • even after reinstalling game same error
  • even after reinstalling game same error
  • even after reinstalling game same error
  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Me too.

    Works on phone fine, not on my Lenovo tablet.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled, whether i select new game or continue both options give me the "failed to log in" "failed to sign in" message
  • It was not enough that the joke that was the maintenance in the end of AW, now this!
  • HorlockHorlock Posts: 20
    me too =/ after reinstalling game same error

  • ganer_97ganer_97 Posts: 13
    Yeah i just wanna ask a question to administrator and to all om member.. when after i update to new version on android and i start game i got notice like that "failure to sign in". Why i cant to sign in ?? Anybody know ??
  • Hi, after last update I am unable to log in to the game with the error "Log In error, Registry error".
    I have: reinstalled the game, try to log in with google play games, try to log in with Kabam account, try to create another account, but nothing, what's going on? :(
  • G7proG7pro Posts: 13
    I have the same problem. Tengo el mismo problema.
  • ganer_97ganer_97 Posts: 13
    Me too.. i got the same problem with you guys.. kabam please help us for this problem
  • WicaqsevicWicaqsevic Posts: 1
    Dear Kabam

    This morning after update i had problem when log in, please check my user.
  • G7proG7pro Posts: 13
    I have de same problem. Tengo el mismo problema.
  • kraioszerokraioszero Posts: 134

    To be very clear, still "Failed to Login"... even in another language...

  • Majin_boo23Majin_boo23 Posts: 5
    Why i am failed to log in in this new update? Can anybody please answer me on behalf of kabam.:(
  • ZitobabyZitobaby Posts: 4

    I am not able to log in, it does not leave the screen "login error"
  • VijayNemoVijayNemo Posts: 9
    Same error, pls try to find the solution asap
  • ZitobabyZitobaby Posts: 4
    I have the same problem ... did anyone solve it?
  • mgj0630mgj0630 Posts: 543 ★★★
    Same issue for me. Works fine on my phone, but my tablet reports "Failed to sign in".

    Panasonic FZ-B2 with Intel Atom x5 processor.
    Android OS 6.0.1.
    WiFi connection confirmed to have connectivity in other apps.
    MCoC V22.0.0 installed from the Google Play Store.
  • ganer_97ganer_97 Posts: 13
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Rose @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Vydious please help us for problem
  • Rishi3101Rishi3101 Posts: 7
    Greetings Kabam, I am Rishi from India and i am not able to sign in from my kabam account.. this is very strange, i played the game yesterday night also but today when i updated game it is not allowing me to log in.. the message says 'Failed to sign in'. I also tried re-installing the game to see if i could start a new game and log in and then log in to my current account but it didn't work. I am using Android device and the version is 4.4.2, I'm well aware that from April 1st devices with less than 4.4 version won't support the game but this is frustrating cause my device should support the game.. I was able to update to latest version and in play store there is no message which says that my device won't support this game... i request @Kabam Miike or @Kabam Vydious to pls look into this matter and help me.. i am also attaching the screenshot of the log in problem. We are doing map5 and this issue is causing loss of energy and time.. also i've been playing this game for more than 2-2.5 years and have never been involved in any case of account sharing and i only have 1 account on 1 device. Thanks and hope to receive a positive reply
  • Rishi3101Rishi3101 Posts: 7
    I would like to add that i remember my kabam password but still unable to log in.. cause if i can log in to the forum then surely it should allow me to log in the game
  • ramanshramansh Posts: 96

    same problem even after reinstalling @kabam help us
  • BadakJawa_93BadakJawa_93 Posts: 2
    edited March 2019
    After this morning update, i've got this error too.
  • ganer_97ganer_97 Posts: 13

    After this morning update, i've got this error too.

    Where u from
  • ramanshramansh Posts: 96
    updating the game is useless for android player all thnkx to KABAM now we cant even play it. I was in middle of arena grind for 5* sabretooth and now i am thrown out to wait. pls KABAM fix it ASAP my arena grind is getting affected pls pls
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