Legend Run

Ascoop24Ascoop24 Posts: 128 ★★★
I am thinking of attempting my first legend run next month and am curious on a few keep points.
1. Is it just heroic and master? Or is it all four modes?
2. If I'm not on as soon as it drops am I losing time? Example that it comes live at 12pm but I don't get on until 1pm. And I finish it at say 4pm. Will my time be 3 hours or 4 hours?
3. Final question does the timer start as soon as I open up the quest? The app?
Thank you for reading and your comments. Just making sure I do this right.


  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,080 ★★★★★
    1. It is just heroic and master
    2. No the time the event drops doesn't effect your timer
    3. The timer starts when you begin the heroic event

    Good luck!
  • Ascoop24Ascoop24 Posts: 128 ★★★
    Thank you!
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