Arch rivalry tokens

mrclever8mrclever8 Posts: 12
edited March 2019 in Suggestions and Requests
Dear kabam I would love to see arch rivalry tokens where if you win a fight in any game mode with an arch rival you would get an in game token this would work whether you are fighting with either one for example spiderman vs green goblin, wolverine vs sabretooth, black panther vs killmonger, thor vs Loki, thor (ragnarok) vs hela, captain America vs red skull, dr strange, vs mordo, hulk vs red hulk, cyclops vs mister sinister, daredevil vs kingpin, gamora vs nebula, venom vs carnage, ant man vs yellowjacket, drax vs ronan, sentry vs void, vision, vs ultron and any others you see fit. Let me know what you think and thank you for reading.
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