So what do Good Players call a good Team....Champions with high Health or Champions of the same Class all skill etc.


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    A good team is a team that has a great rating, has synergys that help them and are duped. Having all champs as one class isnt usually a good idea since they can be affected by class advantage and champs with high health means that they lack damage more than other champs.
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    Cool Thanks!!
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    For me, a good team has a combination of utility, damage dealers, varied classes, and synergies that benefit. My primary questing team (all 5*s) is:

    Blade (5/65)
    Sparky (5/65)
    Ghost Rider (4/55)
    Domino (5/65)
    Corvus Glaive (5/65)

    With this team, you have the synergy benefits of the Holy Trinity (Sparky starts with 3 poise charges, Ghost Rider has practically guaranteed Judgments, Blade gets enhanced Danger Sense and it triggers against villains); Ghost Rider is also Bleed Immune; Domino has incredible damage output and her Critical Failure is highly useful; Corvus is INSANE once his missions get completed, and with Glaive charges he has a variety of immunities. Each one brings a lot to the table. I also can rotate Gladiator Hulk (4/55) or 6* 1/25 Red Hulk for a Science champ and/or their immunities or other utility. That's what I look for in a team.
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    That's looks AWESOME but my problem is I can't remember what everyone does to make a AWESOME Team!!! I do alright I think!! I use these for Questing ...4*Iron Man IW UD...4* Medusa UD....4* Sentinel UD...3* Captain America IW UD...And I switch up between 3* Morning Star UD.and 3* Symbiote Supreme UD....I've got 52 Champions and only 6 one stars and like 26 two stars and rest are 3 stars and only the three 4 stars I've mentioned!! I guess I'll learn more as i go...I'm only level 28!! I just need to remember what every one does!! Plus i haven't figured out who to use on Quest except the ones I've listed cause they are my best ones to my knowledge cause I dont now who I'm facing till I get there just shows the class unless I'm not seeing something!!
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    Oh I forgot about my 4* king Groot UD cause he is just slow in my opinion unless I'm not using him right!!!
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    Those are some great champs at level 28. When you are picking your team for a quest, once you pull a champ over to the left side to be part of your questing team, you'll see a button to the left of the champ that shows how many synergies they have. You can click on that to see a list of the champs who they have synergies with, and what those synergies are. You can use that to remind you, rather than having to worry about remembering.

    For where you are, though. It sounds like you are probably using the best team you can. King Groot is slow, but remember he is also bleed immune l, which helps in a number of fights. For almost any champ, you can look up videos on YouTube highlighting how best to play them. Even those of us who have been doing this for years tend to go watch for champs we aren't familiar with for tips and tricks to their play styles.
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    Cool that helps a bunch...Thanks 10or_strong for the Info!!!
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