Missing items in stash

I have lost my tier4 basic catalyst in stash before the expiry date.
I didnt use them in any upgrade.
Plz kabam get my stash back


  • J0NisCOOLJ0NisCOOL Posts: 109
    IF this actually happened theyre going to insist you have screen shots of before and after. If you're not being truthful, they'll call you out and give you a chance before committing there time. Hope it works out buddy, sometimes the reward stash is janky and it pops up a few days later.
  • Tmasters1984Tmasters1984 Posts: 451
    They won't help. It happened to me.

    They just say things like "the data doesn't indicate this" and if you have a screenshot they'll call it a display error. I was on them for two weeks before the support staff admitted they didn't actually have the power to compensate players.

    It's pretty pathetic, not to mention how many times I had to re-explain my problem because someone new had responded.
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