The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (long post)

So, who am I? I'm an average old (50+) man playing games since a looooooong time ago.
Never really played a lot of mobile games until I've dloaded MCoC a couple of years ago. Took a 9 months off for being mad at playing a, constant, crashing game, sept 2017. Came back in June 2018 to see that the game was more stable.
I'm in a silver ally where we try to have fun. I'm an average skills guy, level 60 and uncollected.
I play, mostly, on my Samsung Tab S4, but on a Samsung S7 cellphone too. Before, on a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet.
I'm not F2P, but, not a whale. Somewhere in the middle.

I want to give my opinions on the last update. feel free to comments, but, please, do it with respect.

V 22.0

The good.
- Near 0 ''connections problems'' message while playing. Still the same when I rank/level a champ, but it's ok.
- Great champs buff. Gamora, Spider-Gween and She-Hulk (Finally, she's one of my fav Marvel). I hope the you will continue on this.
- Nice EQ. Seriously, when was the last time that ppl didn't ask a champ to be nerf because it was too difficult??? I think that this one is well balance.
- Nice additions in Glory store. It will help all range of players. Beginners, middle and top.
- I, personally, like the new AW matchmaking, (I know, it's pre-update, but...). It gives us less headaches as to, when do I start a matchup.
- The intel store give us some means to get resources we're missing, and, the choice to buy what we want. Nice add-on.
- The 0 cost Map 4. Very good for us, mid-tier players. (I know it's pre-update, too, but...)

The Bad.
-The AI. I don't know if something has been changed, but, the AI is acting, let's say, different. As an arena grinder, I'm doing a lot of fights. Baiting specials is very time consuming, now. Sometimes, I have to keep defense for 1-2 min, not to reach SP3. And, when he's on a block stance, no matter what I do, he keep it until I dash back of charge(fast charge) a heavy, then he will hit me with a 5 hits combo. If you've changed the AI, it would be nice to add the changes in the release notes.

The Ugly.
- Act 6 champions requirements. I know, it's not over, yet, but, this is really bad, if it's happening. I know, by the ToS, that, as the game creators and owners, you can do whatever you want, but, you can't deny certain parts of the game based on player roster. IMO, it's not ethically correct. If someone want to, try to, complete a certain part of the game, with 1-2-3-4-5 or 6*, that's his choice. I've seen video of very skill players beating Winter Soldier with a 2* Star Lord. So, please, don't tell me that we ''need'' to have 5-6* to do act 6, let us judge by ourselves. You want to do ''champions requirements''??? Do more of Danger room or Nick Fury's intel, quest.

Bottom line, great update.
The future my account will depend on your decision to keep or not, champion requirements. I may keep it, or, start a F2P brand new account, not sure for now.

P.S. Sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.


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    Should I still rank up 4* (started a separate thread) ?
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    Very good post, this is a nice summary of what took place in the last update.
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