Alliance war enlistment didn't work

Hey all,
the alliance I am in was enlisted but for some reason the enlistment was done away with not from our doing. Now we have missed a war and will be behind even farther than what we should be due to a missed war. Why did this happen? The only thing I can think of that has been different is shortly after the war was over we did have an alliance member leave. Would this have effected this in any manor? If not than what could have caused this?


  • Alexswe1Alexswe1 Posts: 3
    Yeah Hello this happened to us last night, due to My timezone i go to bed around the time its starting so, one war ended and i checked the results and immediatly went to enligt for next war, then went to bed as usual and on the morning we werent matched...
    this isnt the first time this happened But the other time one Of My officers asked if we should enlist before the time had run out.
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