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But how are we supposed to trust that the RNG is honest when it seems like whatever special film promotion is running for the month that is the champ that is going to pop out of crystals (the older versions of course if they are releasing a newer one!) During venom i opened venoms, during this one i opened original Capt Marvel, these examples go on and with the sluggishness of the crystal vault it feels like it is scanning to see who i have that isn't max sig. And in case you haven't noticed, the phc mix has been altered in some way for the same purpose! To reduce max sig crystals from being handed out as much. It is obviously an attempt to reduce shard production through duping so we can buy shards instead of getting them ourselves. But everyone is so thrilled to get that rare drop that they haven't noticed it is actually costing them shards and slowing them down!


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    I mean seriously! Come on! 90 plus percent of my 3 star roster is sig 99 and now i am consistantly getting champs that are at 8 and 16 instead of 99? Defying slim odds (supposedly) to crack the handful of champs i don't have at max sig...and for perspective, thanks to the monthy 3 i get from the calendar (seriously wonder if there really are 4s in there! But what does it matter huh? If they are obsolete?) I am only missing 4 of the champs in the kabam...i noticed!
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    I appricate that you have recognized the efficiency of my machine! I resent greatly that you are attempting to break it!
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    If you have 99 out of 100 champs at max sig, do you think it's somewhat impossible to pull the champ you don't have at max sig?

    You're jumping to conclusions big time, mate. Yes, there isn't any factual proof of the chances being equal.
    But besides anecdotes there also isn't anything to suggest otherwise.
    Completely ignoring that fact is intellectually dishonest.

    This is not a matter of shady kabam being shady, but rather a serious case of cognitive dissonance on your side.
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