Silver 1 moving to Gold LF Members

(Owtlz) Outlaws is looking to replace a few inactive members.

AQ 443 443 442 442 442
AW 2 BG Wars Silver 1 Tier 12
Donations 15k Gold 1k loyalty
Line App Required

For AQ we will run map 5 day 1 occasionally. Try to make it a permanent thing. Ideally though a constant 443 is what we are after.

For AW we are running 2 BGs 3 times a week until we can get the lower accts strong enough to be competitive in war. We would like everyone participating in war so no one is missing out on rewards.

Also we are a sister alliance to Infamous. So we have a big group of competitive guys always trying to get better.

We are looking for people to help complete map 4 and be active in war. We will give people a shot to prove themselves but they must be active. Also you must be able to communicate well.

Find me on Line App sactown_raider
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