possible aw scoring issue

LormifLormif Posts: 7,361 ★★★★★
So while monitoring my alliances AW today I noticed something strange, we had 3 defenders left 2 bosses a korg, sentienal, and one mini a hyperion up, but the AW score screen said we only had 2 up. While I was discussing this with my alliance I saw their team take down our korg and I looked again. The system said 1 defender, but we still had hyperion and sentienal up, so I took a screen shot. That was 20 minutes ago as I wanted to make sure there was not some sort of delay in viewing bgs. I have restarted the app, as well as changed bgs and back again. The reason this concerns me is that it could affect scoring for people in tiers where not all the mobs are killed.

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