Matchmaking broken like never before

Matchmaking is not only a problem because you have to adapt to what Kabam thinks should be the schedule for everyone, and if you miss the enlisment window you're scrubed (Happened to us already this season)... but it's also broken. Really badly broken.

My alliance is right now at Tier 5, and we got matched not only against a way better rated alliance, but we also got their Tier nodes buffs ... We are fighting nodes with not only way better defenders than the ones we should be facing, but we also are fighting nodes with way harder buffs. What makes not only lose the war, but also fail to kill the bosses what is a huge handicap toward seasons.


  • Sir_BarkleySir_Barkley Posts: 13
    Well, it seems I was wrong ... it was not Tier 3 ... but Tier 2.

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