Mid-Season 8 Alliance Recruiting

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World Alliance ReBorn [WOR2] is an AW focused alliance looking for some well-seasoned teammates to fill a couple of open seats.

World Alliance ReBorn [WOR2] by the numbers:
• AQ maps 5/5/4/4/4 
• AW Season 8: Gold 1
• War Rating: 1856
• Alliance Rating: 12.4 mil
• Average Member Rating: 414K

Modest Minimum Weekly Treasury Donations:
54K Gold & 3K Loyalty.

MUST be able to successfully complete, at minimum, AQ map 4 and simultaneously run AW without a strain to your champion roster. Meaning, have a dedicated "3 man" AQ clearing team, separate "3 man" AW Offense, and 5 solid AW Defenders. Completing a player roster, via MCOC online resource tool from alliancewar.com, will be required for AW BG placement, planning and strategy.

LINE App is required for chat as this is our primary method of communication. Please initiate contact via LINE app: "Mister_Face" "Turpissimus" or "Viril x".
Closed Alliance, by Request Only


  • Mister_FaceMister_Face Posts: 24
    Currently have 2 open positions available. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to, so we can determine if our alliance is the right fit for you. Our goal is to find players that will stay long term and deliver consistent results, while still having fun.
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