Tone down the censor in game chat

I use Line for chatting with most of my alliance members but we do have a few that for whatever reason are not keen on any added software. I was trying to have a conversation with one of my alliance mates who happens to be a big Dallas Cowboys fan and I was ribbing him about a funny story that had come up the other day.

Every time I tried to type "Big D" and "nipple" (if you know the story you'd get it, otherwise I won't dig in too much) the entire text box would get censored. I get that people of all ages play this game and that there needs to be some censoring from cussing and all that but really? Isn't this a bit extreme? And this was in a one on one chat - not even on global, or war chat, or anything like that.

It's a headache constantly having to come up with alternate phrasing just to have a stretch of "**************************" chat lines.
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