Kabam Can we get a Fix for Visual Glitches?

CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81
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I h
@Kabam Miike
I've lost Countless Matches,Arena,etc. due to this Glitch.
It doesn't appear to be fixed by Kabam.
Nor do they give compensation.
Please fix this bug and provide some compensation


  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,503 ★★★

    Does this issue persist if you restart or reinstall the game?
  • VolumeOneVolumeOne Posts: 78
    That's a pretty weird one, my dude. What device is that on?
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 1,071 ★★
    yes this happens a lot many times well not many but it happens again nd again sometimes
    no it wont persist if we restart but wtf it doesnt means u wont correct it because it gets fixed if we restart we lose an entire fight because of this
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81
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    @Kabam Lyra " I've tried Re-installing it 2 times.If I play fro more than 20 Mins. this comes
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81
    @VolumeOne Mine is Samsung J6+
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81

    This keeps on coming
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81
    @Kabam Lyra Just now I encountered the same issue.
    Any Compensations?
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81

    This happened just now.
    Please fix it or give us some compensation?
    It's been happening 3 times since last 2 days
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