Cable´s arena cutoff?



  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,460 ★★★★
    Not going for him because he's not worth the time
  • MonasouMonasou Posts: 142
    I would say cutoff ends up around 3.8M-4M.

    He's still newer so a lot of people will just be getting him since they don't have him yet. he has some decent abilities but there's nothing super special about him. Mines at rank 4 but doesn't get used except for arena's.
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    New bug tonight... Repeatedly as I tried to charge forward (swiping forward) my champ would instead dodge backward... Very frustrating particularly after I stunned the enemy... I'll f Try to dash toward them to take advantage of the stun... And instead dodge away and by the time I dashed forward the enemy was no longer stunned...
  • InvisibleInvisible Posts: 113
    What about dormamu?
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