KSMLM looking for players to FIGHT, HAVE FUN, AND ADVANCE!

Kabam Stole My Lunch Money (KSMLM) is a semi-chill alliance looking for active players. We run Map 3 and Map 4 in AQ, but we're looking to run Map 5 once or twice a week when we're able to bring some more people in. We run 2 BGs of AQ and AW, but will run 3 BGs when we can get more participation.

Not sure? If you think can do Map 3, get in touch. You'll fit in. We'll get you the rewards you need to move up and improve your play in the game. We're cool people, we have a great core of members and most importantly, we have FUN!!! Come grow with us!

As I said, we're pretty chill, but we do expect you to be active in AQ and AW. We use Discord to communicate, as it's very easy to use. There are some minimal donation requirements, but there are no SA requirements. Again, we just ask you to be active and to participate.

Right now we're rated at 9.2 mil, and are Silver 2.

Get in touch here or add me in game (krumbledkookie) and I'll help you along and answer any questions you have.
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