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AW diversity gone wrong

Hello, folks.

Many changes were recently made to make sure that some champions wouldn't be "gods" on anything, which is great. Well, this has been going the wrong way. I'll use Mordo as an example: on this war, on the opponent's side, everyone that has Mordo, place it on defense, soon to there will be 20 nodes with Mordo on them on each BG. That's almost half of the available tiles. Therefore, attack teams will be restricted to champions that can subdue Mordo (you know the ones I am talking about, right?)

The diversity you tried to implement has been compromised by the way new champions are being developed, and you will end up complicating things more and more until it gets to a point where the only way to fix things is to release "another version 12" of the game, changing everything about it and suffering from backlash.

We all want to use more champions on every area of the game, so please refrain from creating extremely elaborate champions or else you'll end up having to nerf them over and over again like you did to some till nobody wants to play with them anymore and they fall into oblivion.

Consider sticking to what made this game great: simple and truthful.

These are the thoughts of a concerned player.


  • NoobeeusNoobeeus Posts: 332 ★★
    Some champs are good in defense, some are good in offense, others are purely for arena and overall Pi

    Not every champ can be everything to all people.

    Mordo is a good defender but the more you fight him the more you get used to the AI and the easier it becomes.

    It's all part of the game, NC used to be hard, now isn't, same with Mordo. Yondu will be next, but i feel will be better suited to Attack which may mean he is less likely to grace AW defense nodes with his annoying arrow.
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
    He is not hard, he is just overrated. This post is not a cry for help post, it's just showing kabam that they are going about things in a somewhat wrong way. It's just sad to see this happening.
  • TheTaserTheTaser Posts: 7
    You're quite right Dan. 12.0 was supposedly about increasing diversity, but it's kinda narrowed the pool of useful champions vs. useless ones. Despite what kabam says, most of their champions are terrible and not good for use in most aspects of the game. Would be nice if they could rebalance all of the characters and update the old garbage ones.
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
    At least some of the old ones. With Diminishing Returns impacting how often you get a critical hit while attacking, some older champions became useless since their abilities depend on. Critical hits to be activated. But to keep thread on track, let's talk about AW. AW defense maps are over populated with Mystic champions. Not being a hypocrite. My team consists of four mystics and one whatever until I get The Hood, then it'll be five mystics. How's that for diversity? That's the path kabam took us to. It sucks, though. So many interesting champs to play with and we are "limited" to a handful.
  • jeyrey2000jeyrey2000 Posts: 88
    yeah 4 and 5 star lol
  • Hort4Hort4 Posts: 139
    20 mordos in each BG? So 2 mordos per summoner?

    One on your defensive team and one on the opponents defensive team so 20 in each BG.
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey there OP. Sorry to see that you have some concerns with the Champs being used most often in Alliance Wars, and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know your feedback about this. Since this isn't a bug, I'm going to move your post over to the Suggestions and Requests forum. Thanks for your understanding!
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
    Thank you, Kabam Wolf.
    I'm still getting used to the new forum.
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
    When the the 5* Mordo comes out next month, we will have no other champs to fight against.
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
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