need help with masteries

scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109

this is my current mastery setup and my roster. i’m thinking of reworking my masteries to something better and i need advice. i’ve done uncollected but i don’t really have good 5*s (i have 5), i don’t have many bleeders so i’m not maxing deep wounds yet, i’m not looking to run suicides.

my current aim is to 100% act 4, try uncollected eq, and try to go through the rest of act 5 and explore 5.1. which masteries would be the best for that, and which ones should i scrap?

i’m planning on scrapping willpower, and collecting units to max assassin. is that good at this point in the game?


  • ArondightArondight Posts: 58
    I feel like assassin doesn't need more than 2 points. Others may disagree. Im actually trying to get willpower.
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