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BUFF The Rewards [suggestions & ideas]

BlackFreQuencyBlackFreQuency Posts: 91
edited March 2019 in Suggestions and Requests
well, there's some parts of the game that can use a buff on rewards. [suggestions]

1.5* shards in arena milestones [milestones not rank rewards that won't help at all]
2.more gold, crystals, etc. in level up and solo events (they can really use a buff on rewards)
3.monthly EQ is not worth the time at this point (more 4 and 5* shards in heroic, master and UC)
4. Dungeons are not rewarding at all.. they suck (personal opinion) dungeon rewards can use a buff for sure
5. Season rewards are kinda funny (our alliance is in silver 2 and 1 so rewards are super low for a month of playing and stress)
6.buff some already existing crystals like arena crystal or alliance crystal + special crystals
7.more generosity with monthly calendars :)

now [Ideas]

1. add gold boosts to the game [increasing the amount of gold in the arena by 30% for 60mins] or something
2. add stony and carbonadium mastery cores to the loyalty store [and maybe some exclusive champions]
3. we should be able to get our hands on energy refills using glory and loyalty [glory and loyalty will be more important which is good]
4. new masteries that require new cores [will be added to the mastery store] and more ways to get points [i have a lot of ideas for masteries but that's a big and different Discussion]
5. every month with new champions being added to the game send out a 2* version for everyone [why not? 2* champions can't do much maybe for monthly side quests and if you do that everyone is able to play around and test these new champions give you guys feedback and stuff, plus more crystals will be opened]
6. when you dup a 2* champion you should get 4 levels not 1 [it doesn't matter if they get maxed out faster]
7. I know it takes a lot of time but trying to buff champions [that need a buff] every month with new updates is a big reward.
8. add more 3 and 4* sig stones in solo events [they're not that useful for most of the players so they should be way more available at this point] maybe even a max 3* sig stone in master difficulty [it will help with PI]
9. you want players to stop selling champions? make PI a part of the progression make offers [rewards] simply hard to refuse [like 8]

just some simple suggestions & ideas... I got a lot more and better ones but I don't know how to share.

guys please let kabam know if you have any suggestions or ideas


  • CrkwestCrkwest Posts: 371 ★★★
    I like the idea of the PI rewards. Would be good to get even a tiny reward for reaching 100k, 200k, 300k, etc
  • BlackFreQuencyBlackFreQuency Posts: 91
    Crkwest said:

    I like the idea of the PI rewards. Would be good to get even a tiny reward for reaching 100k, 200k, 300k, etc

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