Can Kabam list the Prestige of the Rare Older Characters?

EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
In the last few months, Electro, Doctor Strange, Abomination and Black Widow have been rare 5-Stars in unique Crystals. With these soft releases, the community is unaware of their stats, Prestiges, or their signature scaling. Is anyone from Kabam able to inform the community as to how these 5-Stars relate to their 4-Star versions? Their Signature Percentages? Their Prestiges? Attack? Health?

When other unreleased 5-Stars become available, can there be Spotlights for them? Thor, War Machine, Joe Fixit, Magneto (MARVEL NOW!), Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Black Bolt*, Daredevil*, Gamora*, and any others I may have missed are still missing as 5-Stars, and if they are to be released, knowing their data would be useful for the community to know their value in the current design of the game.

*While they exist as 6-Stars, this is just to reflect that they are missing from 5-Stars.
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