❤️9.5k❤️ Prestige = AQ Bg1 66666 Bg2/3 55555 =Top 250= Donations: 130k G _ 8k BC _ 9k L= AW P3= 😉🙏

Såmmy (Pastor Sammy Elite Alliance) USA California PCT
An Alliance Hosted By Pastor Sammy.
The reason I started this relaxed alliance because I was getting burned out playing at high level running a full time business very hard to find time for the game. I want to have an alliance for high end players that still want to play without the pressure of logging in every 5 min.

So far We had lots of guys that finished labyrinth including myself, since they moved here because they were able to save tons of units, with the way We strategized this alliance.

We Are Looking For Active Members At A Preferred Prestige Of 9500+

AQ We’re running:
Bg1 map66666
Bg2 map55555
Bg3 map55555

( everyone from map 5 will take turns to run map6)

130k G = 8k BC = 9k L

Top 250 AQ


For AW we’re pushing TO MOVE UP with no pressure. NO NEED TO USE ITEMS
But we recommend to purchase the 6000k health boost from glory store and top off the champs before the fight.
Also if your path is kind of hard we gently recommend if you have 5 energy to boost up if you have the items ( mostly the 10% and 20% from SA rewards, no need to spend units).

At the moment we’re Plat3
NO PRESSURE ON USING ITEMS just do what you can.
Most of us in here clear their paths easily.

The guys that come here is to grind arena so they can finish LOL 100%, including myself ( hehe just finished labyrinth 100% couple months ago, check out the crazy opening on our channel) #PTL

So AQ/AW for them is just a bonus.
MUST be active in AQ/AW very easy rewards.

Line App Is Mandatory.

If You're Interested,
Please Contact:

Or our YouTube channel:

Pastor Sammy -
New IGN: Pastor Sammy
Line: SammyStoicescu
Twitter: @SammyStoicescu

PS: please give me at least 12hrs to reply, I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP...thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

We also have Analizer ( the king of intercept here with us) aka Atromix just a quick FYI
This is Analizer’s Youtube channel in case you haven’t subscribe please drop a sub:


  • SokieSokie Posts: 1
    Hi, I’d be interested to join you guys.
    Line id: danfortes
  • How flexible is the prestige requirement? Line Id is Grimm87
  • @Sokie @TrashPandaExpress I’m in bed now 4:43am I’ll add you when I’m up. But if your time permits please add me on line app: SammyStoicescu

    Thx so much Guys
    I really appreciated
    God bless 🙏
  • @Sokie I tried adding you but won’t eork, says can’t find user
    Please add me: SammyStoicescu
  • @ICE_ICE_BABY with good prestige you can get top 250
    We’re looking for 2 st the end of AQ
    Please 🙏 advise
  • We need 1 at the end season please advise
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
  • If you’re interested on joining us with over 9k prestige please advise
    Thx so much
    God bless you 🙏
  • At the end of season if you want to join us, we’d really appreciated.
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
  • Please advise if you’re interested on joining us
    Please add me on line app: SammyStoicescu
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
  • HugooHugoo Posts: 62
    Your alliance sucks , kicking people before they get aw season’s rewards, no1 wants to join sr sir
  • @Hugoo I’d appreciated if you stay out of this forum and stop lying.
    What’s your deal trying to put us down? Show me the facts before you spill dirt on ppl.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I’m so sad even though is just a game, we still can’t get along.

    But I’ll forgive you. May the Lord bless your kind heart ❤️ and fill it with love ❤️
    We all need it.
  • At the end of season let us know if you’re interested on joining us please 🙏
    Must be over 9.5k prestige please 🙏
    Thx so much God bless 😂
  • ŁŤÇŁŤÇ Posts: 41
    Did y'all really boot someone before receiving rewards?
  • No Sir we didn’t boot anyone. But we have hatters like everyone else.

    If you’re interested on joining us please advise
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
  • Let us know if you’re interested on joining us at the end of season.
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
  • At the end of season we might have some room please advise
    Thx so much
    God bless 🙏
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