Summoner Appreciation Month?



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    Primmer79 said:

    Kabam owns the game.

    We choose to play the game.

    Every discussion like this assumes they want to listen to the players. It assumes they should listen to the players. (and back to the parenting analogy, they are not parenting us. They are providing us a service where we can go elsewhere if we so choose)

    In business, it has been shown time and time again for some businesses, your main goal is to keep customers happy. In this case, every player isn't a customer. There are no ads in the game to generate revenue just by playing. Its paying customers they care about. Sometimes people lose sight of that.

    Businesses choose to take risk. This decision very clearly would make players upset. Honestly, they probably knew this already. They chose to make a business risk/decision for the short term, to build the game for the long term.

    My 2 cents about the original topic here: I don't want a summoner appreciation month or week to be "for" something. Just have one always in july-august, or whenever it is, as a yearly celebration within the game. It shouldn't be a reward or compensation for anything.

    Ahhhh...sweet sanity. Thank you.

    Dr. Zola
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    What about the double rewards some receive from AQ?
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    I’m not sure how many times people have to point this out, but we don’t need rewards for absolutely every supposed mistake. Yes the offer was bad timing, as MANY people have pointed out, and if you can’t do Act 6 cause of the 4 star ban, therefore limiting your synergies, then suck it up and earn more shards to get 5 star versions of the champ. Yeah, i’m ticked about it to, but that just makes me want to pursue more to get to that threshold. We son’t need an SA week cause people are salty. But, that’s just my opinion. I understand where you guys are coming from, but personally I don’t believe in it.
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    Act 6 is meant for players of 3+ years with a stacked 5/6* roster, people who have gotten very lucky with there 5/6* pulls or people that want to spend a ton of money on the game to quickly build a viable 5/6* roster to get thru Act 6. What is unfortunate is I grantee there are skilled enough players in the community that could get pretty far in Act 6 with 4* champs but Kabam has removed that as an option which ultimately I think is not great for the community. And for kabam if people start posting videos of 4* champs getting it done that will give people confidence to do the same and could potentially spend money to complete paths (potions/revives). Overall I think the 4* restriction is not the right decision but I am F2P so in the end I am not who Kabam likes or wants to be playing this game.
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    I think every year they've had some type of Summoner appreciation, week, and/or month...

    Its around this time that it happens, and I believe it has nothing and most certainly shouldn't have anything to do with Act 6 and the restrictions. So with that, I believe this was going to happen regardless anyway.
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    We don't need an SA week or month. Its like rewarding a child that misbehaves. Giving that child what they want results it continued bad behavior.
    Oh so it's us misbehaving huh... okay then, so Kabam, the "responsible parent" haven't done anything wrong at all. The game is full of faults and issues and its our ,the player's fault for getting angry over it and wanting a compensation?

    And to your analogy, if the children have bad behavior, whose fault do you think it is? Certainly not the parents is it?

    Even a week of Summoner Appreciation is enough. Due to their bad decisions, they are recieving backlash. It's completely justified. So they need to win the community's trust back, with some kind of compensation. SA is just a suggestion, what we the community may want.
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    You are asking for way too much compared to what happend. Im effected by all of the recent things kabam did. So yes im upset. Yes i lost some trust. How ever like already points out. This Game is ad free. We are not forced to play it. If you dont like the offers simply dont buy them.

    I would much rather have an open dialog with the devs. In a different Game they had a monthly Dev Blog. Where they posted whats currently going on and being in Development. The community had the opportunity to post their thoughts and sometimes they changed things based on feedback. And even if they didnt the community knows in advance whats coming and could start prep.

    Usualy its not the decicions which drives people mad. Its the timing of releasing Informations. F.e. if people would have known a few months in advanced a 4star Ban will come. They would have saved up resources to rank up 5stars insteed of spending them on 4stars. Insteed of 4star based offers kabam could pumped out more 5star related and im sure people would have bought them. Since they know they need it in upcoming Content. Would have been a win/win...

    Just my2cents
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