Xmen Recon Initiative Guillotine bug

I was fighting the right path Guillotine on Master when I screwed up and she KOd me. I fought her with another champ and immediately screwed up again and was KOd. After the second fight, the two champs I just lost with were revived at full health. I was a little confused but passed it off as a minor bug.

I fought her again with the first champ I used, but the same thing happened where I died, but was revived at full health when the pre-fight menu came up. Guillotine was carrying the damage from fight to fight, but my champs were reviving. I didn’t have a problem with this, thinking it would end once I finally beat her, but once I DID beat her, on the screen that has the paths on it I was on the tile behind her and had to spend energy to go up and fight her again. Everything repeated THREE TIMES and I was still being moved back after I beat her, so I came here to report it.

I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.1.4


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