Whos the better R5 for Act 6?

Blade or Void? Both duped. I don’t have any of the meaningful synergies as 5 stars unfortunately so I was wondering which one would be the most helpful at 5/65 by themselves for Act 6


  • Blade
  • yoyosharkyoyoshark Posts: 33
    I have the exact same question!

    It seems to me that whenever Void is useful, he is VERY useful and you hear a lot about how great he is for a certain piece of content. I haven't heard much about him since Act 6 came out, so I'm guessing a pure damage dealer like Blade would be more useful.

    But I would love to hear from people that have actually done Act 6 already!
  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,394 ★★★
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