Can someone explain how the Dungeon works or is it worth playing !!?


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    You can enter the dungeons with a partber, he/she can be from your friend list or your alliance. You can always find a match but it's preferable to enter with a friend as it gives you a bonus. Each dungeon lasts for around a week (not sure about the duration). You can select a team of three champions before going into the dungeons, you can also select the difficulty, although I prefer to go with the recommended difficulty which the game chooses according to your champions. The enemies inside the rooms will consist of the class which is written (for example - Tech/Science). When you enter a room, you can take any path and complete it, the best part is that you don't need energy in dungeons. When you finish, you can go to the next room or quit, it depends on your champions' health. Remember that once you take some champions in the dungeons, you cannot take them again (only in the next dungeons). Hope this helps!
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    It does Thanks!!!
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