[-M.M-] Marvels Morons - Gold 1, Top 250 AQ - Recruiting For Next AW Season

We are losing multiple people after this war season who are looking to run map 7 multiple times a week. And thus are recruiting for next season.
  • Currently we run 65655 or 56565 depending on the AW schedule. We plan to run some variation of map 5, 6, and 7 each week, something like 766, 766, 766, 555, 555.
  • Gold 1 AW, we want to still push to stay in Gold 1 even with the increase in our AQ difficulty.
  • Current donations are 175k gold, 14k BC, and 13k loyalty. Expect those to go up as we switch our AQ schedule.
  • No event minimums as long as you participate and help hit milestones, however consistent low scores will be addressed.
  • Mostly NA based, looking for players preferably from this region but all players are welcome.
  • Looking for players with 8k prestige.
Add me on the line app, ID is "poisonvirgo". Hope to see you soon.
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