Previous Gold3 Alliance, looking for 1 battlegroup to merge with us.

Recruiting ACTIVE players! How active?:
-Need to be active enough to 100% clear AQ/AW nodes (i.e. log-in MINIMUM 3-4 times per day to use your energy and facilitate AQ/AW map completion)

Our focus:
-Alliance Quest: this is where we feel the best bang-for-effort is at the moment.
-Not active in AQ = kick
-Map5/4: minimal donations (gold/loyalty only)
-Alliance war: may be scope to run only 2 battle groups for War for those that can't devote enough time for both AQ & AW.

We are fairly RELAXED:
-We are NOT going to get upset if you die in AW as long as you actually try to get all the way to your mini-boss!

Where are we?
-Mainly UK/european based timezones.

Communication method:
Line app

Where do I apply?
-contact line:ectop1c
-contact in game: ectopic
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