Thanos IW or EG is he playable???

No signatures no gauntlet!
No infinity stones .
20 signatures 1 stone
40 signatures 2 stone
100 signatures gauntlet fully activated
Unawakened all of thanos strikes are surgical designed for close combat counterattack self defense style. Like how he exposed hulks weak points. Similar to Luke cage very active with his hands targeting the throat back of the neck rib cage kidneys chest abdomen etc . Fists, chops, jabs, hooks, elbows, knees. Basically an MMA fighter. Between All 3 specials should have a mixture of wrestling boxing close self defense survival fighting for quick takedowns plus one of his specials has to has to has to has to has to has to end with a rear naked choke!!!!!! No exceptions. Do a closeup on thanos face as he grins satisfied he choked the life from his opponent.
Now for complexity similar to MODAK
With 5 stones he gets brand new specials no more hand to hand combat. Plus for abilities just copy what we saw in the film. Including throwing a planet at stark. Also thanos now has 5 power meters instead of 3. Also upon activating the final power meter regardless of health remaining of the opponent. Thanos snaps his finger You get dusted instantly fight over period.


  • Agame86Agame86 Posts: 96
    Also at the end of the fight he portals out the scene just like in the film
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