12M Gold 2 AQ 80M Ally Needs One New Family Member From EUROPE ASAP Read Description

Hi stranger!

We seek one new active player with a good roster/prestige and Map5/AW Boss killer experience to add to our family asap.

Most likely you would run 5x5, but it's not mandatory.

If you're not active and motivated or don't have the passion anymore, then skip this post.

We are AQ/AW focused chillaxed ally with some long term members and a great community comfortable with some dark humor and fooling around. Some fun times ..cough*..some..cough* can be experienced in our Line chat groups.

Yes, Line required.

AQ cycle:
BG1 55555
BG2 44444
BG3 43333

Weekly donations:
75k Gold Diggers
5k Loyalty

AQ Rewards:
80M milestone

AW strategy:

European based time zone only!

If interested, hit me up in Line: Kinksutin (game name the same) and we'll go from there!
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