Solo Event, Update, Currency and Store

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I would like to propose an update to solo events, and discuss some ideas on how to improve them to bring the events up to date with the current state of the game.

There could be the same levels of difficulties as the monthly event, which grant a currency for completing the event. This currency could be used in the store to buy items such as duel credits, units, revives, sig stones, and awakening gems. This system would allow players a little more control over their account, and offer the opportunity to purchase incredible prizes for loyal summoners who are patient and save up their solo event currency. Higher tier items could be unlocked upon completing certain content, maybe linked to gaining particular titles in story mode.

Each difficulty provides a unique challenge tailored to the summoners at that level of the game. An example of an updated challenge could be to complete a certain paths of story mode with a certain star rating or class, which would further increase the usefulness of each star rating for more advance summoners, and encourage a highly diverse roster at every level of the game. The challenge would take time, but would be attainable for summoners who invest their time to achieve completion of this event, similar to the current system.

This is a pretty new idea, which I had after my recent post regarding an update to solo event crystals. I’d love to hear more from everyone else about ways to build upon this if it sounds like a cool idea to you all.
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