From Gold1 to helping my girlfriend

Recently introduced my girlfriend to the game (she has become pretty good if I may say so) and I promised to help her grow the alliance she created.

If a retired player wants somewhere to chill and help us build that’s cool, a new player to help us to help them grow that’s cool, or a player that has completed most content with a decent roster (that isn’t bothered about rewards currently) wants to help us that’s pretty cool...

Alliance Name: The Dog Club

I’ve been told to say ‘all dog lovers are welcome’ (she likes dogs).

Hopefully see you guys in there!


  • LilcaineLilcaine Posts: 99
    Hey add me online at lilcane so we can chat if u want
  • Starlord27Starlord27 Posts: 40
    Lilcane or Lilcaine like your username on here? What lvl are you to make it easier to find
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